Girl Led Girl Empowered Scouting Weekend, 3/9-3/10




Required Forms - complete in full and bring to the event!
Annual Health and Medical Record forms, parts A, B1, and B2 - for each Scout and accompanying youth/adult ally
VHC Shooting Sports Permission Form - one per minor
CVO Parking Permit - one per vehicle, for any length of stay

Register through 11:59PM, March 4, 2024.

File Name Description
Annual Health & Medical Record Forms - A, B1, B2 REQUIRED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS and ACCOMPANYING ATTENDEES: Fillable form for this event. Download
Camp Verdugo Oaks - Shooting Sports Permission Slip REQUIRED form for minors to participate in shooting sports at Camp Verdugo Oaks. - Parents must print, sign, and present to rangemaster, VHC camp director, and/or campmaster prior to shooting sports activities. - One form per youth, per camp program. No exceptions. Download
Camp Verdugo Oaks Parking Permit REQUIRED for all vehicles parking at Camp Verdugo Oaks. US Forest Service requires completion of this permit for all visits to Camp Verdugo Oaks. - Display on driver's side of the dashboard, facing out for easy reading. - Drivers: car keys must be kept on your person at all times. - Car must be parked facing the road. Your cooperation is appreciated! VHC and Camp Verdugo Oaks are not responsible for vehicles ticketed and towed. Download
Girl Led Girl Empowered Scouting Weekend Flyer Please share! Download