Personal Management Merit Badge, 12/5-12/8

Verdugo Hills Council is proud to announce - in partnership with Gain Federal Credit Union - a FREE Personal Management Merit Badge Class plus Extras!


Scouts & Non-Scouts will have the opportunity to work with VHC counselors in earning their Personal Management Merit Badge along with taking the following courses:

Session 1: Checking Account Basics w/ Scouts BSA
Session 2: Budgeting and Setting Financial Goals w/ Scouts BSA
Session 3: Credit and Borrowing w/ Scouts BSA
Session 4: Electronic Access w/ Scouts BSA


Course is a 4-day session from December 5th-8th


Location: 1800 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506

Must be at least 13 years old or in the 8th Grade – 12th Grade.


The Independent Advantage program is a series of financial courses available to high school students. In a relaxed and fun environment, students learn the financial life skills they'll need for today's financial reality. These skills are rarely taught in schools any more though they are critical to a well-rounded adult life.

Independent Advantage will educate your student on:

  • Importance of credit and how to use it wisely
  • The value of a credit score and how to maintain it
  • How to create short and long term financial goals
  • How to budget their money
  • Proper use of credit cards, debit cards, and electronic financial systems
  • How to maintain financial records and balance a checkbook
  • How to identify fraud and protect your accounts

Independent Advantage graduates are set up with real world-tools for real-world finances. Upon completion of the courses series students receive:

  • Checking account with a free box of checks
  • Mastercard debit card
  • Electronic access to their accounts
  • Opportunity to apply for a low-limit credit card


  • Personal Management Merit Badge Session, 12/5-12/8
    December 05, 2022 to December 08