VHC Diversity Awareness Award

The Verdugo Hills Council is located in one of the most diverse areas in our nation, yet our members may not know very much about people of different backgrounds.  The VHC Diversity Committee is pleased to announce that Scouts and Scouters now have an opportunity to earn an award that will help them broaden their knowledge and appreciation of the diversity around us.

Because there is such a variety of people in our community, nation, and world to learn about, Scouts and Scouters may choose to earn the Diversity Awareness Award multiple times in their careers. The Diversity Committee hopes individuals who work on this award will be inspired as they discover more about the lives and stories of people who are different from themselves.


Requirements for the Diversity Awareness Award are available here. Scouts are asked to complete a journal of their experiences working on this award and they may save a copy of this template, print a copy, or get creative and make a journal from scratch. Scouters complete the same activities as Scouts and then plan an event that promotes Equality, Equity, Inclusion and/or Justice. The first time Scouts or Scouters earn the award, they will receive an exclusive patch which contains numerous symbols of diversity. When the award is earned subsequent times, device pins may be added to the patch. If you have ideas for how to further promote diversity in the Verdugo Hills Council, please reach out to us at diversity@vhcbsa.org.

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