Camp Verdugo Oaks


Welcome to Camp Verdugo Oaks, an ideal, close-in camp for short-term programs with your Webelos den, Scout Troop or other youth organization.

Location & Features
Camp Verdugo Oaks (CVO) is located 45 minutes north of Glendale off I-5 at Templin Highway, set among a stand of ancient California Live Oaks. The facility offers campsites, cabins, platform tents, and a rustic conference center with fully equipped kitchen. The camp can accommodate 175 people or more for an event or activity.
CVO also offers a full range of program opportunities, including swimming pool, archery range, BB gun range, campfire amphitheater, gaga ball pit, and nature trail.

The cost of your visit is based on the activities and facilities you use while you are here at Camp Verdugo Oaks. 50% of your estimated cost is required as a non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation.

Fees as of September 1, 2023:

  In-Council Units Out-of-Council Units Other Groups
Camp Day Use (not camping) per day, per person $4 $6 $7
Environmental Charge per day or part thereof for any group 15+ $12 $15 $20
Campsite Use per night, per person $8 $9 $10
9:30AM-3:59PM Early Campsite Check-In, per person, $50 minimum $2 $2 $2
Platform Tents per night, per person (10 max) $10 $12 $14
Bunkhouse Cabin per night (16 max) $160 $160 $192
Eagles' Nest Cabin per night (6 max) $60 $60 $72
Bobwhite Cabin per night (4 max) $40 $40 $48
Kitchen & Dining Hall, all day, one group per day $250 $250 $300
Refrigeration Only, subject to availability $10 $10 $15
Outdoor Charcoal Grills, per meal (charcoal not included) $10 $10 $10
Amphitheater (propane campfire bowl) 1.5 hrs $15 $18 $20
Each Range (Archery or BB) per person, 2 hrs $3 $5 $5
Rangemaster (Archery or BB), 2 hrs. No outside rangemasters permitted $25 $25 $25
Swimming Pool per person, 2.5 hrs $5 $5 $10
Exclusive Use, per day* $1,000 $1,000 Contact VHC

*Fee applies for any of these conditions: 1) Request for no other groups at camp, 2) Group of 150+, 3) Non-Scout group. Exclusive use includes sole use of camp, sleeping quarters and campsites. All other services are available for the fees posted above. The initial 150 headcount is included in the Exclusive Use fee; additional attendees incur normal sleeping quarters and campsite fees.


Contact Camping & Activities Registrar Wendy Tateishi at
Camp tours available upon request and volunteer availability.



Cub Camping UPDATE, Effective September 1, 2023  View update page here
Adult Supervision & Scout Camping UPDATE, Effective September 1, 2023  View update page here


File Name Description
Additional Information for CVO Visitors Information for Camp Verdugo Oaks day use visitors and campers. Download
Camp Verdugo Oaks - Shooting Sports Permission Slip REQUIRED form for minors to participate in shooting sports at Camp Verdugo Oaks. - Parents must print, sign, and present to rangemaster, VHC camp director, and/or campmaster prior to shooting sports activities. - One form per youth, per camp program. No exceptions. Download
Camp Verdugo Oaks Fire Rules Download
Camp Verdugo Oaks Parking Permit REQUIRED for all vehicles parking at Camp Verdugo Oaks. US Forest Service requires completion of this permit for all visits to Camp Verdugo Oaks. - Display on driver's side of the dashboard, facing out for easy reading. - Drivers: car keys must be kept on your person at all times. - Car must be parked facing the road. Your cooperation is appreciated! VHC and Camp Verdugo Oaks are not responsible for vehicles ticketed and towed. Download
Camp Verdugo Oaks Pool Rules Download
CVO Map, v7 2024 Download
CVO Parking Policies and Procedures For Large Groups, 5/7/24 Download