Cub Scout 101, 9/21



Cub Scout 101

Thursday, Sep. 21, 2023
7-9 PM
St. Dominic Church Community Center
5016 Casper Ave., Los Angeles 90041 (Eagle Rock)


This is a fun, introductory session for new Cub Scout parents and leaders.  In under two hours, experienced Cub Scout trainers will walk you through the basics of the Cub Scouting program, explain why you made an excellent choice to enroll your child in the great program, show you some best practices for running a den or pack meeting ("what IS a den and a pack?"), and answer any questions you have and some you didn't even know you had!

This session does not replace Cub Scout Position-Specific Training, the official basic training that every Cub Scout leader should take. That's is found at under the BSA Learn Center link.  This session is a broad overview that will help you better understand that on-line training AND let you ask questions.  You can take that training before or after this session.

There is no cost for this event, but we would like to know how many cupcakes to bake, so please register ahead.  OK!  We will also be happy with walk-ins, but you risk not getting a cupcake.  :-)

Questions?  Contact VHC Training Committee Chair Pierre Landry (323) 717-6013;

Registration closes at 11:59PM, September 17th.