Cub Scouting Together


There are some significant challenges facing Scouting right now.  Because of the pandemic and the recession, Cub Scouting can’t be done in the traditional manner for a while.

However, the values of Scouting make it worth fighting for!  We’ve got a plan.

The newness and uncertainty have made Scouting difficult for everyone.  Some packs have adjusted, and some need a little help.  So the council’s program leaders have developed several types of resources.

For the Cub Scout leaders and families, we offer assistanceguidanceand training for:

  1. How to develop “program” — the fun stuff!
  2. The Cub Scouting Together Program will model how to do virtual meetings.
  3. We will offer technical support for how to run these meetings via Zoom.
  4. We will offer two or so den meetings per month for each of 6 den levels.
  5. We will host one pack meeting per month.
  6. Our emphasis will be on fun, novel, outside, doing, etc.
    1. How to run pack and den meetings virtually and safely in person.
    2. Recruitment (BeAScout pins,, etc.)
    3. Advancement Recording (Scoutbook really is your friend!)
    4. Rechartering (doing it online makes it easy)
    5. Leader Training (a blend of online at and council Q&A sessions)
    6. Fundraising (Popcorn is perfect for this COVID era)
    7. Pack Committee Development — “Teaching them to fish”

The Cub Scouting Together Team Resources include:

  1. Volunteers on the VHC committees (Program, Camping, Training, Advancement, Membership)
    1. Volunteers from stronger packs
    2. Professional staff
    3. Web-based resources from other councils and the National council

Most of these meetings will be done via Zoom, but we will encourage as much outside activity as possible – safely and in compliancy with city, county & CDC rules and guidelines.

How does all this work?

  1. Den leaders who are doing well will be asked to repeat what they did for their den at the council level, or they can invite Cubs from other dens to participate in their den’s meetings.
  2. A fun, safe pack meeting in, say, a church parking lot can be repeated for others.
  3. The den and pack schedules are dependent on the volunteer DLs and CMs.
  4. For virtual meetings, we are recruiting technical specialists to assist and teach.
  5. For parents who are encouraged to step up a little and coordinate their child’s friends coming to the den meeting, we will work to get them trained to keep it going for beyond the fall.
  6. For pack leaders who are struggling with this new way to do Scouting, we will have advisers for Zoom, rechartering, advancement, recruitment, fundraising, etc.
  7. At the council, we will continue to recruit unit commissioners, plan council-level events, coordinate with LA County and National BSA, etc.

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