COVID-19 Protocols for In-Person Activities and Meetings

Update as of March 7, 2022

Verdugo Hills Council

Protocols for Indoor and Outdoor Meetings, Events, and Activities

March 7, 2022

Please note updates are highlighted in yellow

These protocols will be reviewed and updated as we receive changes from the
CDC, State of California, and Los Angeles department of Public Health

Please note that all BSA rank requirements that were altered for Covid have ended as
of March 1, 2022

This document and protocols provide an update on what units can do now.  We encourage and request that everyone comply with appropriate health guidelines, get vaccinated (everyone 5 and older) and be flexible in the planning and execution of all Scouting events.

Available now:

  • Meet in person indoors or outdoors following all Los Angeles County Health Department guidelines.  (Please refer to the next page for a review of Protocol’s)
  • Conduct overnight activities including camping and backpacking following the current County Health Guidelines in the county (Please refer to the following pages for a review of relevant protocols)
  • Schedule outdoor unit meetings in parks and at your chartered organization if permitted.
  • Attend VHC programs, reserve Camp Verdugo Oaks for unit overnight camping and for unit day events.  Cub Scout units and individuals may sign up for Rocket Academy. 
  • Develop a unit program plan for the next 12 months.    You can combine in-person and virtual activities to best suit your unit.
  • Encourage all members 5 years or older to get fully vaccinated including boosters.

Updated VHC Protocols for In-Person Meetings and Activities

The following is a summary of Protocols for holding in–person Scout meetings and activities.

  • Meetings and activities may be held indoors or outdoors; however it is recommended that units meet outside as much as possible.
  • Per the Los Angeles County Health Department EVERYONE participating in indoor meetings and activities is strongly encouraged to wear a face covering regardless of vaccination status.
  • For meetings and activities held outdoors, participants are encouraged but not required to wear face coverings when social distancing cannot occur.
  • Talk with your Scout families.  Not all families are ready or want to start in-person meetings now.  Tell them they have participation options.  Do not force families to attend.
  • Conduct fun in-person meetings.
  • Eagle Projects no longer need to follow cohort protocols.   Participants should follow the protocols for meetings and activities as updated on 3/7/2022.  If the Eagle project includes overnight activities, then participates should also follow the protocols for overnight outings.
  • Isolate if you are sick, do not attend any meetings/ activities/ events, if you or anyone you live with or anyone you have been around feels unwell for any reason.
  • Do not attend any meetings/events/ activities if you or anyone you live with has tested positive for Covid-19 or another illness and do not have their results back yet.
  • If you are NOT fully vaccinated, wear a face covering or mask that covers your nose and mouth and stay at least 6 feet apart from people you don’t live with.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water.  Use hand sanitizer if soap and water is not available.
  • Until further notice international travel is NOT considered a Scouting activity.
  • The State of CA and the LA County Department of Public Health have both issued an indoor masking directive. 
  • Units should not allow their participants to use neckerchiefs, single layer cloth masks, and gators.  Neckerchiefs, gators, and single ply masks have been determined to be largely ineffective against the transmission of the Omicron variant.
  • As always, follow the Scout Oath and Law.

Note: The main impact to Scouting activities of the relaxation of state and county COVID protocols is to eliminate the use of cohorts for meetings.  Units should still encourage safe COVID practices which include minimizing close contact, wearing face coverings where the risk of transmission may be higher, hand washing and other sanitation measures. And emphasizing activities that are outdoor as much as possible.   Per CDC recommendations the Verdugo Hills Council strongly encourages all adults and youth 5 years of age and older to get fully vaccinated.  There may be some council events and activities that will require full vaccination.


Protocols for Overnight Outings (Unit Based)

Units can hold their own overnight camping activities effective June 13, 2021.  The following is a summary of the overnight unit camping trips following State and County protocols.

  • All protocols for in-person meetings outlined on the previous page apply to overnight outings.  Additional protocols as outlined below also apply.
  • All outing participates are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated if eligible. *
  • Follow Youth Protection Training (YPT) guidelines.
  • As much as possible, follow social distancing.  Stress the importance of personal hygiene and camp sanitation to reduce the risk of infection.
  • If sleeping in tents the current VHC protocols are that you follow the manufacturers recommend number of people in a tent.  It is required that in the tent that participates sleep head to foot and foot to head.
  •  If someone develops symptoms of COVID then isolate them from the rest of the group and get them home as soon as practical.
  • It is strongly recommended that all individuals in a carpool wear a face covering while in the vehicle.  It is also recommended to have the windows open.
  • Read the National reopening guidelines.
  • When cooking at any activities the cooks must wear gloves, face shield or face covering.  There can be no buffet type serving allowed.  Cooks will serve all food. 

People are considered “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19 two weeks or more after their second dose in a two dose COVID-19 vaccine  series, such as Moderna or Pfizer or two weeks   or more after a single dose COVID 19 vaccine , such as Johnson and Johnson.  All Scouts, Scouters, Scouts, and parents are encouraged to get a booster if they are of the age to be eligible to be considered fully vaccinated.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for COVID-19 Unit Indoor and Outdoor Meetings and Activities

What heath protocols is the Verdugo Hills Council following?

            The Verdugo Hills Council is following the National Boy Scouts of America, CDC, State of California and the Los Angeles County protocols for all indoor and outdoor meetings and activities.

Do units still need to follow cohort protocols?

            No units do not need to follow cohort protocols currently.

Do units need to continue with COVID related record keeping?

Yes, Verdugo Hills Council strongly recommends continuing to keep a record of all those in attendance at indoor or outdoor meetings and activities.

Are participants required to wear face coverings at meetings and activities?


Are temperature checks required at the beginning of   a unit meeting?

Temperature checks are no longer required at the start of a meeting. The Verdugo Hills Council strongly recommends continuing the practice of temperature checks for all unit activities.

Is carpooling for Scout activities and meetings permitted?

Private carpools with members of multiple households are permitted.  Everyone is required to wear a face covering regardless of vaccination status; It is further recommended that windows be down to increase airflow.

Will sharing a tent be allowed?

Yes. The Verdugo Hills Council policy is to follow the manufactures number of people in a tent.  It is also recommended that all participates sleep opposite each other.

Can units travel outside the council, county, and state for overnight camping activities?

Yes.  Units must comply with all protocols for the county they are camping in and Verdugo Hills Council protocols.


Do I need to register unit meetings and activities with the Verdugo Hills Council?

            No, it is not a requirement to register your unit meetings and activities with the council, currently.


Council Camps and Council-Run Activities

What is the vaccination/testing requirements for youth and adults attending council camps and activity programs?

            It is strongly recommended and may be required for some Verdugo Hills Council events or activities that all people eligible to be fully vaccinated must be.  For those not fully vaccinated it is required to have a negative COVID test 72 hours prior to attending camp or activities.

Will there be temperature checks at council events?

            Yes, at all council programs and training activities there may be temperature checks.

Will we have to fill out the Camp COVID checklist?

            Yes, for some council events and training it will be necessary to fill out the COVID precamp checklist and bring with you.


VERDUGO HILLS COUNCIL, BSA, (VHC) has adopted the Reopening Protocol for Youth Sports Leagues (LA County Protocols) described in the Order of the Health Officer, County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health (as revised 8/20/2020) with additional rules and interpretations for outdoor Scout meetings and outdoor Scouting activities in small groups (called “cohorts” in the LA County Protocol). ALL of these rules and protocols are NOT optional, and ALL protocols — both VHC protocol and County of Los Angles Youth Sport Leagues Protocol — MUST be followed.

IMPORTANT: The Chartered Organization must approve any outdoor meeting or activity by any unit they sponsor. The Chartered Organization is the legal entity that is responsible for their Scouting programs and activities.

VHC policy will be reviewed as updates and revisions are needed.

Unit should also continue to use the Guide to Safe Scouting and the Sweet Sixteen of BSA Safety to plan activities. In regards to planning under COVID-19 specifically, units should make use of the Safe Restart checklist to make sure that all activities are as safe as possible.

Send your questions to or call the Council Service Center at 818-243-6282.

Need to get tested? Here’s where you can get tested in L.A. County.


File Name Description
3/7/22: VHC Protocols for In-Person Outdoor Scout Meetings and Activities Updated VHC protocols based on the CDC, State of California, and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Download
COVID-19 Screening Form, CVO COVID-19 pre-camp checklist to aide in determining clearance for participation at VHC events and training sessions at CVO. Download
Leaving the COVID Cave Presentation Presentation Slides from the Forum sponsored by the Council Committee for Accessible Scouting (May 21, 2021) Download
Post-COVID Resources for Scouting Leaders and Families Links to online resources for understanding the post-COVID Scouting environment. (From the May 21, 2021 forum) Download
SAFE Restart Checklist A checklist to help your unit evaluate how to start meeting again. Using this checklist is required by the Verdugo Hills Council protocols and the checklist requires following the Verdugo Hills Council protocols. Download