Become a Merit Badge Counselor for Citizenship in Society Merit Badge


Attention Scouters, parents/guardians and those wanting to help our youth! We urgently need adults willing to facilitate and guide our Scouts on the journey of discovery guided by the Citizenship in Society merit badge. As this merit badge will soon be a requirement for the rank of Eagle Scout, we will have many youth members looking to fulfill the requirements.

This merit badge is a little different -- merit badge counselors won't be teaching as much as they will be facilitating and guiding conversations. We are looking for adults who can create a safe place with youth for conversations about equality, equity, inclusion, diversity and being an upstander. It will be required to lead one Scout or a small number of Scouts in this merit badge with the assistance of another adult or a Scout's parent(s)/guardian(s). The biggest requirement is to be a good listener -- the Scout will find their own unique way through this merit badge.

To garner as many merit badge counselors as possible for the initial roll out of this merit badge, the Verdugo Hills Advancement Committee will offer "Fast Track" approval of qualified adults. The requirements for being a merit badge counselor for Citizenship in Society are:

1) Youth Protection Training

2) Merit Badge Counselor training found on

3) DEI training class SCO-1800 as found on

4) Acknowledgement that you have read and understand the Citizenship in Society Merit Badge Counselor Guide (link below) and

5) Submit an application.

We hope you and the Scouts will appreciate the level of training and thoroughness of the consideration being put into the candidates being selected to guide our Scouts in completing this merit badge. These are strict requirements as the Advancement Committee feels we need to ensure the merit badge is offered in an extraordinary way to our youth.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the VHC Advancement Committee at