2021 Summer Camps Covid-19 Protocols

Effective for the Summer of 2021, Verdugo Hills Council has enacted the following policies to ensure a safe Summer of camping.

  • All campers will need the BSA Medical Parts A,B and C. Part C mandates a Doctors signature and a physical. Please plan accordingly.
  • Before arriving at camp each camper must complete the Covid Health Form. This form will be sent to you in your arrival packet prior to camp!
  • Upon arriving at camp a premedical check will be done at your vehicle before getting out. This will include a temperature check of all individuals in the vehicle. If anyone in the vehicle has an elevated temperature of 100 degrees or more your Scout will not be able to attend and your fees will be refunded. We will attend to vehicles on a first come basis.
  • After premedical check, your Scout will proceed to check in. We ask that parents remain in their cars until the Scout has completed check in. A staff member will advise once check in is complete. At that point parents may leave.
  • While in camp, your Scout will be assigned a cohort of 8 to 10 Scouts. Each cohort will stay together and not mix with other cohorts. There will be 2 staff members assigned to each cohort.
  • Each Scout must bring their own tent and tent separately. Scouts from the same family and also of the same gender may share a tent and will be part of the same cohort. Mixed gender siblings can only tent together if a parent is also in the tent for Cubs Scouts only. For Scouts BSA mixed gender siblings must tent separately.
  • All meals will be prepared at the camp kitchen with certified safe kitchen staff. All meals will be served with disposable dishes, silverware and cups. All meals will be eaten outside with social distancing. Do not bring cook kits, silverware or cups from home.
  • All program areas will have a touchless hand sanitizer station.
  • All restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected 3 times a day. There will be touchless hand soap dispensers and paper towels dispensers at all restrooms.
  • All Scouts will have to have and wear face coverings. Please bring at least two face coverings.
  • There will be daily temperature checks.
  • If within 14 days of leaving camp your Scout has a positive Covid test it is required to notify the camp director. Please email David Potter at - David.Potter@vhcbsa.org.
  • Six foot of social distancing will be required of all campers. There will be thirty (30) feet of social distancing between cohorts.

Please know that the camp staff at Verdugo Hills Council is committed to safe Scouting. Your Scouts safety is our number one concern. As LA County protocols change our policy will reflect those changes. Any changes to Camp Verdugo Oaks Covid Policy will be posted here.