Eagle Scout Project Approvers

The District Eagle Project Approver is contacted after the Scout has obtained the approval signatures from their Scoutmaster, a unit committee representative, and the project beneficiary.

Every Scoutmaster is responsible for guiding his or her Scouts through the Eagle Scout advancement procedures. The Eagle Scout requirements are listed in the Scouts BSA Handbooks and in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

All persons involved with a Scout working towards the Eagle Scout rank, including the Scout, should be familiar with the Section 9, "The Eagle Scout Rank", in the BSA's Guide to Advancement.  For Scouts who may need accommodations for special needs, Section 10, "Advancement for Members With Special Needs" may be relevant.  Finally, in these challenging times during the pandemic, please keep up to date with the changes in the advancement requirements that are listed in the BSA's COVID-19 FAQ.

Position Name Telephone
Eagle Scout Project Approver Paul Cohen (818) 957-2148 Email
Eagle Scout Project Approver Ryan Dreyer (310) 770-6711 Email
Committee for Accessible Scouting Chair Armineh (Abbey) Hacobian Email
Eagle Scout Project Approver Paul Racs (213) 276-3184 Email
Eagle Scout Project Approver Todd Reynolds (818) 919-0297 Email
Eagle Scout Project Approver Lou Schwing (818) 384-4176 Email
Eagle Scout Project Approver Robert Sparks (818) 404-5338 Email
Eagle Scout Coach Don Tyndall Email
Advancement Committee Chair Scott Wadler Email