Welcome to our V-Camporee! This has been a challenging year for everyone and even though we can’t get together for a traditional Camporee we can still engage in fierce competition that will test our scout skills and spirit….from a distance!

Our V-Camporee will consist of a series of patrol-based competitions that are designed to be completed individually or in small groups and will focus on challenging the patrols’ knowledge in many scouting skills, including cooking, code breaking, pioneering, knot-tying, hiking, instrument building, geocaching, and having fun!

Our V-Camporee will run from April 17th – May 15th which give patrols plenty of time to complete their activities.

Scoutmasters will sign up Scouts from their troop in patrols using their troop Tentaroo account. Individuals please do not sign up on your own. If Scoutmasters have any issues accessing their troop account, they can call the council office for support at 818-243-6282.

  • 2021 April - Escape the Zoomiverse
    April 17, 2021 to May 15

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File Name Description
2021 V-Camporee Flyer This flyer is perfect for sharing info about the 2021 V-Camporee with others. Download
2021 V-Camporee Handbook This is a handbook for leaders of troops participating in the 2021 V-Camporee. It contains all you need to know about the events and activities patrols will be participating in. Download